I just wanted to thank you again for letting me use the new ball and sweet spot tool. I actually had 4 birdies yesterday which are more than I’ve had in a long time in one round. I missed a few more (because of human error!). I definitely felt more confident with my putting stroke.

The extra lines on the ball helped me stay focused on solid contact from putter to ball. Usually I would be trying to look up to mark where I wanted to hit the ball and it would lead to ball strikes that weren’t accurate (leading to errant puts). Mentally it helped me focus on my putting stroke and looking at where I need to strike the ball.
The sweet spot tool helped me line up my put from the beginning. This allowed me to use the line on the ball to focus on contact since I was confident that I was aiming in the right direction – Sean Tobe


I found out while using the On-ball putt technology that I had been adjusting the face angle of the putter when I stood over the putt (parallax effect). As I stood over the putt, when aligning the face of the putter to the cross line on the ball it would look off to me. I would adjust the face of the putter and stroke the ball – and miss. I realized that if I had lined the ball up correctly I had to trust the alignment. I started stroking the ball better and made more putts. – Larry Parker


Tried your golf balls today at my local golf course. I had a hole in one on #5. I thought the ball performed well in all areas. For some reason, I have never been a fan of alignment lines but this one worked good for me. – Joe K.


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