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3 Piece Tour Quality Golf Ball


Pros know “alignment and follow through” are keys to success.  Our patent pending On-Ball alignment tool helps all golfers choose the correct path and to better focus on the follow through.  No other golf ball actually provides such precision alignment accuracy.

View the video below showing the new Linkswalker golf ball in action on the green.


How It Works

Research data shows that where the face angle of your putter is aimed at impact determines where the ball travels. Study the two factors of a solidly struck putt and you’ll discover that face angle determines 83 percent of the starting line while putter path direction determines 17 percent. A square face angle is considerably more important to starting putts on line than putter path!

The putter face angle and path at impact are the two factors that determine the direction the putt will start in. The more important of the two is putter face angle. The breakdown is that approximately 83 percent of the balls initial direction is determined by the face angle at impact and only approximately 17 percent is a result of the putters’ path. The two together determine the direction.

Focus on Point

Putter manufacturers have tried for decades to provide putters with advances they claim betters the putting process.

Over the past decades “putter technology” has changed the most of any other club in the golf bag. For the most part, these changes have led to negligible improvements for the pros – less than one stroke per round and some say that the improvements may be more attributable to the agronomy of the golf course than the putter.

We believe they have been barking up the wrong shaft and have developed a unique alignment tool that greatly improves the putting process – and it is printed right on the ball!


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