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I recently saw an article in Golfweek Magazine where they were featuring new putters with alignment aids on them. The article states that putters with alignment systems are designed to help golfers find the sweet spot of the face and “get the face perpendicular to the target line more easily”…

That all sounds good, but what do you square the putter face up to? What is your reference point? The hole? A spot a few feet in front of you? The margin of error on this approach is significant. The degree of misalignment of your putter face magnifies any error as your putts get longer. An error of only one degree off-true in aiming your putter face translates into 2.1 inches off-target at 10 feet reducing a 4.25 inch hole to one that is only 2 inches wide! It is like putting at one of those poker chip ball markers. Putting is hard enough!

It is very difficult to align the straight face of the putter to the roundness of the golf ball – there is no reference point for your eyes to compare to. The only reference point is the back of the ball which is only a small pin point. This is a large part of why most golfers don’t get the ball started on their intended line.

While I applaud the putter manufacturers for trying to address this problem, without a reference point from which to address the face of the putter to the target line, they are missing the mark.

Why not put the alignment technology on the ball? Then you have the perfect reference point in which to align your putter face to.

With LinksWalker OPT (on-ball technology) right on the ball you have a perfect reference point in which to square up the putter face.

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