Making Sure Your Square To The Golf Hole

hole in one

A golf hole is 4.25 inches wide. If your putter is not square to the your intended line before you putt, your margin for error increases. A putter face alignment error will turn the 4.25 inch hole into 2.125 inch hole or less the longer the putt.

How Putts Are Made & Missed

Putts are made or missed in the first few inches and that relates directly to putter face alignment.
When you improve your ability to get the ball started on line by aiming correctly, you will make more putts.

How To Make A Perfect Putt

Our Golf Ball will help you keep square and inline with the golf hole, so that you have more of a chance of making your shot!

Next time you are out on the golf course using our ball I’m sure your friends and you will see how well your putting ability has improved and they too will want to know what you are doing differently!

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