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A golfer is defined as anyone having played an 18-hole round in the last 12-months

Golfer Statistics Data
Total number of golfers in the US. 29,000,000
Percent of the population who play golf. 9.60%
Percent of golfers who are male. 77.50%
Percent of golfers who are female. 22.50%
Percent who are married. 68%
Percent of golfer who attended or graduated college. 67%
Percent who are employed in a white collar occupation. 50%
Percent who use the internet on a regular basis. 90%
Age Breakdown.
Under 30. 5%
30-39. 12%
40-49. 22%
50-59. 24%
60-69. 18%
70+. 19%
Household Income / Economics.
Average household income of a golfer. $95,000
Percent of golfers who have a net worth over $100,000. 79%
Percent who own securities. 83%
Percent who have life insurance. 86%
Percent who own a credit or debit card. 98%
Percent who own a home. 68%

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