Putting Alignment Aids – Putters

I recently saw an article in Golfweek Magazine where they were featuring new putters with alignment aids on them. The article states that putters with alignment systems are designed to help golfers find the sweet spot of the face and “get the face perpendicular to the target line more easily”… That all sounds good, but […]

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Alignment Off the Tee

How well do regular golfers align themselves off the tee? How important is it? At the range, you would be hard pressed not to see a tour player using alignment sticks while hitting shots. At the club range, you would be hard pressed to see ANY regular golfers using alignment sticks. Why is this? You […]

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Jordan Spieth

Why Jordan Spieth Won The Masters

image source Erik Charlton I have been fortunate to work and play golf with some very good players, ranging from players that have played in the US and British Amateur tournaments to players that have played on the professional mini tours and the PGA tour. One of the things they talk about on every […]

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How To Make A Perfect Putt

Making Sure Your Square To The Golf Hole

A golf hole is 4.25 inches wide. If your putter is not square to the your intended line before you putt, your margin for error increases. A putter face alignment error will turn the 4.25 inch hole into 2.125 inch hole or less the longer the putt. How Putts Are Made & Missed Putts are […]

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Correct Way To Tee Off In Golf

Golfer Statistics

A golfer is defined as anyone having played an 18-hole round in the last 12-months Golfer Statistics Data Total number of golfers in the US. 29,000,000 Percent of the population who play golf. 9.60% Percent of golfers who are male. 77.50% Percent of golfers who are female. 22.50% Percent who are married. 68% Percent of […]

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The Best Golf For 2015

Amazing Test Of The Ball

One early June morning, I happened to hook up with a nice couple learning to play golf.  They were having fun… but they  3 putting every hole.  Without trying to interfere I offered them a chance to use our new OPT ball.  Showed them how it worked, how to concentrate on the focal point and […]

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