Sometimes referred to as the MAGIC Ball, the Tour Victory OPT ™ golf ball definitely provides something magical to the putting process.  Once you have lined up your putt you can focus on the speed of the putt and concentrate on perfecting your putting stroke.   Watch the video below to discover the MAGIC !

As the video clearly demonstrates, both the golfer and the putter line up to the ball to ensure better accuracy in making the shot.  Think of a time when this ball could’ve helped you.  Especially when it really counted… a tournament or friendly game where the loser had to do something ridiculous.  If you’re tired of having to mow your friend’s yard or shaving off your hair because you missed the putt, LinksWalker OPT Pro Victory golf ball to the rescue…you’ll be shaving off strokes where it really counts!   On-Ball putt technology (OPT) is the best way to ensure you don’t lose whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner.  Our LinksWalker golf ball is USGA conforming to revolutionize your game today.[hr]

How Are LinksWalker Golf Balls Made3layer_golfball

Our balls are made with the golfer in mind by using On-ball Putt Technology (OPT) that allows you to visually line up the face of the putter so it is square to the line.  The 3-piece golf ball manufacturing technique makes sure that you are getting a high quality ball at a great price that is USGA rule conforming.   It may be the only putting training aid that is legal to use during play.


An OPT LinksWalker Gives You The Edge & Benefit

Your golf game will improve beyond your wildest dreams.  Your confidence soars knowing that you have the added alignment benefit that gives you the edge to maximize your game and earning potential.  Your friends will wonder how you improved so fast.  And the best part?  You’re legal to use the ball in tournament play.  Knowledge is power, right?

Do yourself a favor and try a LinksWalker OPT Golf Ball today!

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